Frequently asked questions

1. Can you ship your products anywhere?

Yes, we’ve shipped our rigs all over the globe; even our largest one, the Odin (MLR s100), which has the biggest footprint on the market.

2. What is the delivery time?

Usually 4 – 12 weeks, depending on type and amounts

3. How do I know which rigs I need?

This will be based on our analysis. We will find the perfect solution for your stadium.

4. What is the lifespan of a mobile lighting rig?

At least 10 years, although, with the correct use and care, some rigs last a lot longer.

5. What maintenance is required?

Light fixtures ever 2-3 years, reflectors and bulbs every second year. Annual maintenance cost is generally very low.

6. Can I use the rigs in the rain?

Yes of course, MLR rigs are very hardy and used to bad weather. We’re from Norway after all.