Frequently asked questions

1. Can you ship your products anywhere?

Yes, we’ve shipped our rigs all over the globe; even our largest one, the Odin (MLR s100), which has the biggest footprint on the market.

2. What is the delivery time?

Usually 4 – 12 weeks, depending on type and amounts

3. How do I know which rigs I need?

This will be based on our stadium shade analysis. We will find the perfect solution for your stadium.

4. What is the lifespan of a mobile lighting rig?

At least 10 years, although, with the correct use and care, some rigs last a lot longer.

5. What maintenance is required?

Light fixtures ever 2-3 years, reflectors and bulbs every second year. Annual maintenance cost is generally very low.

6. Can I use the rigs in the rain?

Yes of course, MLR rigs are very hardy and used to bad weather. We’re from Norway after all.

7. What is stadium shade analysis?

Our partner, STRI, provides our stadium shade analysis service. It accurately models real world stadium light conditions. Ensuring you only buy the lighting rigs you need, save money on electricity bills, improve turf quality and help you with your wider pitch turfgrass management strategy.