About MLR

MLR was founded in Norway in 1998 to tackle the challenge of grass growth at shaded stadium pitches, in the tough north European climate.

By the late 90s it seemed that artificial grass would become the only alternative to real turf in modern football. So MLR set out to find a different solution and the idea for mobile lighting rigs was born.

At first, the idea was met with a lot of scepticism and was seen as impractical. Many people in the industry thought grass would not grow under artificial light and would not be strong enough to play football on.

Questions were also raised about moving lighting rigs in and out of stadia, whether or not grass would grow in cold climates and the costs of implementing such a system.

However, once the sceptics had actually seen the system or read the initial results of tests, their reservations receded.

Nearly twenty years later MLR’s light rigs are helping ensure excellent playing surfaces, across the globe, all year round.

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