Stadium shade analysis

Our stadium shade analysis service (Hemiview) accurately models real world stadium light conditions. It will:

  • Ensure you only buy the lighting rigs you need
  • Save money on electricity bills, thanks to our bespoke deployment pattern
  • Improve turf quality, because of our bespoke rig deployment schedule
  • Help with your wider pitch turfgrass management strategy.

Using the simple and cost-effective three step ‘Assess, Solve, Deploy’ process MLR will solve your stadium shade problems.


Using the stadium shade analysis service our consultants will visit your stadium and assess your supplementary lighting requirements.


The data is used to understand the exact amount of supplementary pitch grow lighting that is required for a healthy pitch. This saves on the cost of unnecessary rigs and deployment time as well as providing targeted information for the groundsman and stadium operators.


Our MLR lighting rig solution will be shipped to your stadium, where your groundsteam will be given a detailed training session. Our customer service team will then be on hand to provide ongoing support for your new equipment during its long lifespan.

What next?

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